If you test positive for COVID at a time when the Health Center is closed, please follow these instructions:

  1. Self-isolate in place – that may be your residence hall room or an off-campus home or your permanent home.  If you are unable to fully isolate yourself from others, wear a mask at all times when you must be around others.  Keep these times to a minimum.
  2. Call (253-535-7337) and leave a voicemail or email the Health Center (health@plu.edu) the details of your positive test (date, type of test, testing location), whether you have symptoms or not, etc.  We will contact you on the next day we are open.
  3. If you are a campus resident, you may use the shared bathroom on your floor, and order food from the Commons for pick up but you must mask outside your room and return to your room to eat your meal.
  4. Home test kits are available in the Health Center, the Campus Safety office, in the Old Main Market at the AUC, and in the open residence halls (Stuen and South).