University Closure / Late Start Policy

CHWS follows the university’s lead on late openings and/or closures.*  Please be aware that communication from our office may be limited during these situations (and likely suspended if the university is closed).  Availability of office staff, counselors, and clinicians are also likely to be adversely affected and schedules modified.

  • If classes are cancelled and the university is closed, your scheduled appointment will also be cancelled and our offices closed.*  Office staff will not be available to contact clients to reschedule appointments.
  • If the university opens late or closes early, CHWS will be on the same schedule — i.e. if the campus has a 2-hour delayed start, our offices will not open until 10:00am.*

Appointments will be considered cancelled during a university closure.*  When offices reopen, we will do our best to reschedule appointments affected by the closure.

Students will not be penalized for missing an appointment on a day that classes are cancelled or have a delayed start.

* Policy Update (effective December 2022)

Virtual Appointments with the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner:

All psychiatric nurse practitioner visits through the Counseling Center are virtual.  These services are in high demand with limited availability.  All appointments scheduled with the psychiatric nurse practitioner during a university weather related delay or closure will be available and kept.  Students should anticipate attending their scheduled virtual appointment at the appointed time.

For Support During a Break or Closure (available 24-hours a day)

Lute Telehealth – 24/7/365 online and telephone access to medical and mental health services.  Please use Lute Telehealth services as needed during a university closure.

This free service is available to all currently enrolled students (use your PLU credentials to sign in).  Lute Telehealth is also a great option for students with unusual or tight schedules. Use it to connect with a counselor/medical provider or to seek consultation at a time that is convenient to you.

  • Lute Telehealth also has a Talk Now option to speak with a mental health counselor same-day and in urgent situations.  There is no limit to using this service.

PLU Crisis Line (For more urgent support and assistance, available 24/7/365) – If you want to talk with a counselor immediately, call (253) 535-7075.  You need not be in crisis to use this line.  For students feeling distraught or overwhelmed, this is a great service to utilize.  Faculty can use this line if concerned for a student.

For urgent medical support, contact the MultiCare Consulting Nurse Line at 253-792-6410.