Student government in a university setting plays a vital role on any campus. As the elected voice of the student population at Pacific Lutheran University, ASPLU is continually working to represent student views and concerns to faculty, staff, and the community at large. Click here for the current ASPLU Bylaws.

The Senate

The core of the student government lies in the student Senate. The Senate is comprised of 20 elected Senators, each tasked representing the views of their constituents at Senate meetings and during work with faculty and staff. As the only voting members of ASPLU, Senators are expected to continually garner feedback from students around campus and report findings to the rest of the organization and faculty committees as needed.

Senators run for election for a variety of reasons, not least of which is to make an impact on their community. Each Senator takes on a Senate project, where they can work closely with other ASPLU and university staff to accomplish something they are passionate about.

Past Senate projects have included:

Changing library hours
Installing blue emergency phone stands throughout campus
Installing a television in the University Center Commons
Planning and managing a benefit concert

Faculty and University Committees

At PLU, faculty governance plays an extremely important role in university affairs. Each faculty committee is tasked with given areas ranging from the business of maintaining the university’s budget, to managing the affairs of campus life. Each year, these committees include students tasked with being the voice of the great student body. Students nominated for placement on university committees are typically Senators passionate about a certain topic at the university.

Some committees students have served on include:

Admission and Retention
Campus Life
Educational Policies
Global Education
Instructional Resources
Long Range Planning
Rank and Tenure

Programming Committees

A vital part of ASPLU is planning fun events throughout the year. Students can assist the ASPLU Programs Director by serving on the following committees:

Entertainment Committee
Dance Committee
Special Events Committee
LollaPLUza Committee

For more information on committees and student participation in them, please fill out our questionnaire to get involved!