The Student Activities & Resource Fee (SARF)

The Student Activities & Resource Fee (SARF) is a $20 fee per semester for each student, and was voted in by the student body during the 2017-2018 school year.

The Student SARF Committee consists of students representing a diversity of campus constituents and is charged with designing and implementing a process for distributing SARF funds in a way that maximizes student impact. This student committee reviews funding requests and makes final decisions.

Current committee membership includes representation from: ASPLU, Clubs, Commuter Advocates, Diversity Advocates, Engage Ambassadors, Recreation (Club Sports, Intramurals/Outdoor Rec/GroupX), Resident Assistants, Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC), Student Media, and The Umbrella Group (of performing arts clubs).

Transparency: Fees Collected & Project Funding

The information listed below is provided for accountability purposes and as a prompt for new ideas. Please direct questions seeking additional information to


  • Starting Balance: $129,209.24 (as of 09/12/2023)
  • Total Fees Collected: $86,360 (as of 02/08/2024)
  • Funds Allocated
    • $36,655.22 to support Recreation (Club Sports, Intramurals, Group X, and Outdoor Rec)
    • $9,650 in Club Seed Funding
    • $25,000 is the maximum amount that will be allocated from SARF to compensate ASPLU Senators and programmers resulting from the Fall 2023 referendum passed by the student body
    • $1,200 for equipment and supplies for Drumline/Pep Band
    • $500 to provide initial support for Drumline student leadership
    • $30 to support an RA community building program
    • $20 to support an RA community building program
    • $50 to support an RA community building program
    • $3,500 for the Umbrella Group to allow four student productions to be presented without charging students to attend
    • $350 to support membership for nursing students (Delta Iota Chi) in their national professional organization
    • $6,500 the ROTC Cadet Club Military Ball
    • $28,500 to allow for re-establishing open swim time at the PLU Swimming Pool and funding student life guards
    • $115 to support an RA community building program
    • $500 for the Planeswalkers Society’s campus draft event
    • $110 to support an RA community building program
    • $1,000 for the PLU Dance Team to allow their Winter Showcase event to be presented without charging students to attend
    • $5,000 for equipment to launch the Water Polo Club
    • $370 to support the KINS 384 Health & Fitness Promotion Class student project
    • $40 to support an RA community building program
    • $550 to support student participation in the American Choral Directors Association Northwest conference
    • $957 to purchase two teleprompters for Late Knight
    • $570 for student membership costs in DECA
    • $9,935 to purchase five new Spin Bikes
    • $349 for student Spin Instructor certification
    • $1,245 to the PLU Dance Team for uniforms and equipment for the Winter Showcase Event
    • $550 to the Kinesiologists of the Future to support the annual Turkey Trot
    • $850 to support student participation in the Pacific Sociological Association’s annual conference
    • $4,372 for six private changing stalls to be placed in the KHP Dressing Room
    • $3,011.73 for the PLU Red Cross Club to purchase training and tools allowing students to become certified trainers in CPR, 1st Aid, AED and Wilderness Medicine
    • $625 for 5 student teams to participate in the northwest regional of the International Collegiate Programming Contest
    • $1,650 to support participation by the Delta Iota Chi President at the National Student Nurses Association convention
    • $1,300 for the Clay Crowes Improv Team participation in a regional Improv Festival
    • $600 to support participation in student debates at Vanderbilt and University of Hawaii – Manoa
    • $750 to support student Participation in the Las Vegas Honor Band/College Band Director Conference


  • Starting Balance: $191,144.58 (as of 08/10/2022)
  • Total Fees Collected: $86,420 (as of 5/12/2023)
  • Funds Allocated:
    • $10,650 in Club Seed Funding
    • $5,000 for Mental Health Workshops and Education through the PLU Counseling Center
    • $500 for Rock The Block
    • $700 to support Home Run Derby for mental health resources
    • $6,420 for InterVarsity conference attendance 
    • $242 to purchase Booster Cushions for MBR Practice Rooms
    • $1,513 to purchase Lacrosse Team Helmets
    • $3,500 to support the ROTC Cadet Club Military Ball
    • $250 for the Pre-Law Club to support LSAT Preparation
    • $1,968 to Reign Women’s+ Ultimate Frisbee to support USAU Memberships
    • $6,736 for the Parkland Literacy Center to support the Big Buddies Program
    • $150 to support a Planeswalker Society event
    • $577.08 in support of a Kinesiology Class project walk-a-thon
    • $3,134.59 to support conference attendance for Collegiate Washington Music Educators Association
    • $1,453.73 to support conference attendance for American Choral Directors Association
    • $700 to support license for LASR (Lute Air Student Radio)
    • $12,000 to purchase a Wrestling Mat for the PLU Wrestling Club
    • $1,999 to support tournament travel and participation for PLU Reign Women’s+ Ultimate Frisbee Team
    • $5,775 to Men’s+ Ultimate Frisbee to support USAU Memberships and purchase Jerseys
    • $1,063.96 for collaborative programming by Outdoor Rec and BSU (Black Student Union)
    • $500 to support a Spring Arts Festival put on by The Collective and LASR
    • $400 for registration costs for teams of students to participate in the northwest regional of the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC)  
    • $1,168 to support conference attendance for the regional American Choral Directors Association
    • $1,900 for music rights and student musicians for Night of Musical Theatre
    • $1,900 to support a student’s participation in an international summer intensive theatre experience 
    • $3,242.25 for guest speaker and catering for Chicano History Month event
    • $8,481.75 for food trucks and inflatable activities for Lute Fest all campus spring event
    • $1,787.10 to support student participation at the National DECA conference
    • $671.72 to support the Clay Crows student improv group in a regional Improv Festival
    • $11,220 to support renovations of the Cave Commuter Community to provide a dedicated kitchenette and updated furniture
    • $1,700 to support a commencement celebration for Black PLU grads and students
    • $1,300 to the Collective and LASR in support of The Arts on Red Square Festival
    • $1,999 to PLU Reign Mens+ and Womens+ Ultimate Frisbee teams to support participation in the joint Onion Fest Tournament
    • $2,751.80 for the summer Artist Mentoring Program
    • $14,171 for the Womens+ Lacrosse team travel and lodging to the National Division III Tournament
    • $310 to support PLU Reign Mens+ Ultimate Frisbee team end of the year celebration and recognition
    • $7,338 to Mast TV for the purpose of purchasing 3 new digital cameras
    • $1,274.75 to RHA and APISA to support the Night Market event


  • Starting Balance: $118,379
  • Total Fees Collected: $89,760
  • Funds Allocated:
    • $8,220 was allocated to hire additional student Lute Welcome Orientation JAM Guides
    • $6,189 was allocated to eliminate debt incurred by previous iterations of 23 student Clubs that was inhibiting these Clubs from reforming and/or attracting new members
    • $13,900 was allocated to 56 student Clubs in support of Club start up and operating expenses
    • $1,999 was allocated to support the installation of a water bottle refilling station/drinking fountain in the Columbia Center
    • $238.61 was allocated for purchase of equipment by Cutter’s Cubing Club
    • $226 was allocated to support a campus Health & Fitness Promotion program developed and implemented by a Kinesiology class
    • $658.86 for Cutter’s Cubing Club to participate in tournaments
    • $700 for the Women’s Lacrosse Club team to participate in tournaments
    • $5,000 to support the Sista Circle spring retreat
    • $709.99 to support Parkland Literacy Center efforts
    • $1,899.63 for Chemistry Club members to participate in the American Chemical Society academic conference 
    • $499 for the Outdoor Rec club to host a screening of the film “Expedition Reclamation”
    • $1,772.59 for club Black Student Union to purchase graduation stoles for graduating seniors who identify as Black
    • $657.53 for club LatinX Unidos to purchase graduation stoles for graduating seniors who identify as LatinX students
    • $12,100 for the Men’s + Ultimate Frisbee Club Team to participate in the National Championship Tournament
    • $420 for conference registration fees for Cutter’s Cubing Club members
    • $816.61 for an individual student to attend and present a paper at the academic Queer History Conference
  • Current Available Balance: $147,261.19


  • Total Fees Collected: $95,940
  • Funds Allocated:
    • A total of $5,301 was allocated to nine different student organizations and academic programs for pandemic Commencement celebrations
  • End of Year Available Balance: $118,379


  • Total Fees Collected: $102,740
  • Funds Allocated:
    • Decision was made to fund $75,000 for Rieke Lobby Renovation
  • End of Year Available Balance: $27,740

Funding Request Process

Students voted to require themselves and future students to pay this fee as a means of supporting activities and resources benefiting students. A student committee will review requests and make decisions using the criteria listed below in order to maximize the positive impact for students.

  • Scope of impact on the student body
    • Number and diversity of students directly and indirectly impacted
    • Duration of impact on students
    • Plan for actively sharing information/opportunities with student body (advertising and reporting)
  • Scope of request
    • Larger requests will be expected to demonstrate broader student impact
  • Alignment with the mission of PLU and/or the University values of Diversity, social Justice, and Sustainability
  • Level of student engagement in the request process
    • Collaboration among Clubs and Organizations
    • Methods for determining student need/desire for request
  • Access to other funding sources
  • History of previous SARF awards
    • A demonstrated ongoing need may be funded on an ongoing basis
    • It is important that SARF funds are distributed in a manner that provides opportunities for engagement by a variety of students

  • Travel fees (including carbon offsetting measures) for service, professional, and academic trips that are not part of Study Away. Refer to the SARF Travel Requests document for additional details and guidance.
  • Conference or event fees associated with conference attendance
  • Publicity and Advertisement
  • Funds needed for any on-campus events open to all PLU students
  • Documentaries, Films, or Performances
  • Speakers or educational events related to student programming
  • Membership for a club to an external professional organization
  • Fundraising events
  • Student employment / pay hours for special projects
  • Physical campus improvements that will positively impact students
  • Purchase of equipment and/or resources to benefit students
  • Reimbursement for programs that have already occurred will be considered on a case-by-case basis

  • Personal Expenses
  • Charity Events
  • Funding to attend events that directly or indirectly support a political party or candidate
  • Funding to support activities or events that in any way
    • Violate campus policy
    • Violate federal and/or local laws to which PLU is subject
    • Are counter to University mission and values
  • Funding to support food or meals during approved travel. Refer to the SARF Travel Request document for additional details and guidance.

How and when an application for funding is reviewed is determined by the amount being requested and when the completed application is received. Smaller requests may be approved by a smaller portion of the Committee while larger requests require larger student representation for approval.

The Student Committee will plan to meet approximately every other week throughout the semester. Applications received during the last two weeks of a semester or academic break periods may not be considered until the next academic term begins. An interview with the Committee may be requested.

Ongoing Basis

  • $ 1.00 – $ 249.00
    – Reviewed by 2 student committee members with one advisor
  • $ 250.00 – $ 749.00
    – Reviewed by 3 student committee members with one advisor
  • $ 750.00 – $1,999.00
    – Reviewed by 4 student committee members with one advisor
  • $2,000.00 +
    – Reviewed by full student committee (quorum is >= 75%) with one advisor

Click here to complete and submit a funding request to the Student SARF Committee.