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"I am impressed with the caliber, commitment, and generosity of the faculty. Their willingness to engage with us in and out of our classroom made this experience unlike any other I've had."

Gary Ferguson

Gary Ferguson






Mentor. Workshops and classes in nonfiction.

Statement: "I believe good creative nonfiction requires the mastery of certain fundamental craft techniques, including character, setting, tone, dialogue, and transition. In addition, our success is defined by the ability to learn and apply the essentials of sound storytelling, including learning how to energize our narrative arcs. But beyond all that, I’m a big fan of an old, anonymous saying: 'If you want to work on your art, work on your life.' Literary nonfiction writers are well served by a constant and curious investigation of the world at large, as well as of their own internal conclusions and desires."


Gary Ferguson has established himself as an expert chronicler of nature over the past twenty-five years, having written for a wide variety of publications, from Vanity Fair to The Los Angeles Times.  He is the author of twenty-two books on science and nature, including the award-winning Hawk’s Rest, published by National Geographic Adventure Press. Gary’s latest book is a memoir, The Carry Home, which will be published in 2014 by Counterpoint Press.  He was the William Kittredge Distinguished Visiting Writer at the University of Montana, a Seigel Scholar at Washington University in Saint Louis, and a visiting writer for the graduate writing program at the University of Idaho.