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Rainier Writing Workshop


"I am impressed with the caliber, commitment, and generosity of the faculty. Their willingness to engage with us in and out of our classroom made this experience unlike any other I've had."

Lola  Haskins

Lola Haskins






Mentor. Workshops and classes in poetry.

Statement: "My goal is to help mentees say what they came to say. Sometimes that involves counseling them to take chances they've been avoiding, since for poetry to matter, everything must be risked. Or so I think. That aside, for mentees to flower, two things are absolutely necessary: a safe place and stimulation. To this end, I adore sharing my favorite writers with my students and also assigning fine writers whom I don't personally respond to but I think might be useful to a given mentee. In all of this I think of myself as a coach rather than a traditional teacher, which means I see my mentees and I as a team. This is lucky work my colleagues and I have, and I'm pretty sure we know it."


Lola Haskins’ poetry has appeared in The Atlantic, The London Review of Books, The New York Quarterly, Georgia Review, Prairie Schooner, and elsewhere, and has also been broadcast on NPR and BBC radio.  Her awards include three book prizes, two NEA fellowships, four Florida Cultural Affairs fellowships, the Emily Dickinson Prize from Poetry Society of America, several prizes for narrative poetry and, in 2013, an award from Florida’s Eden (a consortium of artists) for her nature writing.  Haskins has published twelve collections of poetry and three of prose. She is now shopping a book of poems set in Florida’s woods and waters, and is closing in on the next ms, which is about insects.  In 2013, she  finished a re-translation of Baudelaire, selected from Les Fleurs and Le Spleen de Paris, and in 2014, brought out a CD of poems chosen from her most recent collection, The Grace to Leave (with cello accompaniment).  She has frequently worked with musicians, composers, visual artists, actors, and dancers.  Her favorite collaborative experience was starring as the speaking Mata Hari in a full length ballet whose script she wrote for Dance Alive!, one of Florida’s two official touring dance companies.