The Scandinavian Cultural Center celebrates the history and culture of Scandinavia with special events, exhibitions, and programs.

The Center is located at Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma Washington, in recognition of the University’s Nordic heritage.

The Center is open to the public three days a week with a few exceptions. Admission is free and everyone is welcome!

Mission Statement

In partnership with PLU, and in accordance with its educational mission, the purpose of the Scandinavian Cultural Center shall be to bring together individuals and organizations of the Pacific Northwest to support the University’s Scandinavian Studies Program and Scandinavian Immigrant Experience Collection; to promote development and understanding of Nordic immigrant and Scandinavian-American experiences, cultures, and heritage; and to promote ties with, and awareness and understanding of, contemporary Nordic cultures and societies.


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The Center

Discover what the SCC is all about, what happens here and what we can offer you.

Endowment Fund

This allows us to ensure and expand the services and programs currently offered.