Scandinavian Cultural Center

Scandinavian Cultural Center

Brief Overview

(from CIA World Factbook)

Official Name: Kingdom of Norway
Capital City: Oslo
Area: 125,182 mi sq (324,220 km sq)
Government: Constitutional Monarchy
Languages: Norwegian
Currency: Krone
Population: 4.5 million
Real GDP per capita: $29,918
National Anthem: Yes, We Love This Land.  Lyrics by Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, music by Rikard Nordraak. Adopted in 1864

    City HallThe City Hall (Radhus) in Oslo. Although construction began in 1931, completion was delayed because of World War II. The building was finally inaugurated in 1950. The Nobel Peace Prize ceremony takes place in the City Hall every year on 10 December.

    Fun Facts

    • Official name in Norwegian is Kongeriket Norge.
    • The most recent version of the flag was adopted 17 July 1821. The colors were based on the French tricolor in an attempt to stir up patriotic spirit amongst Norwegians who had been ruled by foreigners for over 400 years. Fredrik Meltzer designed the flag as well as helping form the constitution.
    • Women hold nearly 40% of parliamentary seats and almost half of the cabinet posts.
    • Norway is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world.
    • Most Norwegians can snow ski.
    • It is impolite to place your hands in your pockets when standing in front of a large group.