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This summer, all roads lead to PLU

Over 250 graduate and undergraduate courses will be offered at PLU this summer between May 27 - August 22. For more information and a course catalog, contact us at (206) 535-7129, 1-800-756-1563, fax (206) 536-5103, e-mail: spacsummer@plu.edu. Find our home page at http://www.plu.edu/summer/home .html.

TERM 1 May 27 - June 20
TERM 2 June 23 - July 18
Workshop July 21-25
TERM 3 July 28 - August 22

Registration begins April 14

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  • Programs for High School Students
  • Programs for Teachers
  • Workshops for Marriage & Family Therapists
  • Special Interest

  • Programs for High School Students

    [PHOTO]Throughout the summer, sports and activity camps are planned for basketball, tennis, softball, soccer, wrestling and football. Band, music ministry, youth leadership and yearbook design camps are also available. Information is available at 206-535-7454 or e-mail: marshrjr@plu.edu.

    July 7-25, 1997
    Summer Piano Performance Institute offers junior and senior high school pianists an opportunity for concentrated study with master teacher Calvin Knapp. Call 206-535-7602.

    July 13 - August 1, 1997
    Summer Scholars gives academically gifted incoming high school juniors and seniors an opportunity to study and live with other gifted students. You can choose either a writing or science curriculum while earning college credit. You must be nominated by March 30 by a parent, teacher, counselor or community group, and apply by mid-April. Call 206-535-7129 for more information or e-mail: spacsummer@plu.edu.

    July 13-18, 1997
    Northwest Band Camp led by Raydell Bradley, offers junior and senior high school musicians a rare chance to perform with a large ensemble and take classes in music history, music appreciation, jazz, reed-making, instrument repair, conducting and electronic music. Limited enrollment. Call 206-535-7602.

    Programs for Teachers

    Throughout the summer, the school of education offers many courses for teachers. Call for your free catalog, 206-535-7129, or check out all of our summer offerings on the web.

    July 21-25, 1997
    Master Teachers of Music includes two workshops: Orff Schulwerk Method and World Cultures. Call 206-535-7602.

    July 21-25, 1997
    Advanced Placement Institutes at PLU features eight graduate- level workshops for beginning or experienced AP teachers. Choose from American government, biology, chemistry, computer science (C++),
    English Literature, English Composition, American history and AP calculus. Call 206-535-7129.

    July 20-25, 1997
    "Doing Lab Safely" provides 50 hours of training for teachers (2 graduate level semester credits) in laboratory safety, management of hazardous materials, techniques to aid students in developing more positive attitudes toward the use and benefits of science and achieving compliance with State and Federal regulations. Teachers at schools within the State of Washington may apply for full tuition and room and board scholarships. Contact Sheri Tonn (206) 535-7552 for information.

    Workshops for Marriage & Family Therapists

    July 21-24, 1997
    "Learning to be a Systemic Supervisor" - Study legal and ethical issues, contextual influences, supervision models, evaluation procedures and methods. This course focuses on the critical issues of supervising in today's changing mental health environment. Fee: $650 community, $600 PLU alumni. Contact Cheryl Storm (206) 535-7747 for information and registration.

    July 24-25, 1997
    "MFT Systems Consultation" - This workshop is for marriage and family therapists who are interested in expanding their ability to work in a variety of human systems including social service, business and other organizations. Fee: $75 graduate students, $150 community, $125 PLU alumni. Contact Cheryl Storm (206) 535-7747 for information and registration.

    Special Interest

    [PHOTO] June - August
    Fruit Festivals bring the freshest fruit of the season and great outdoor concerts for a festive lunchtime gathering. Mark your calendar and join us at Red Square at PLU. Tickets are $2.50 (free with PLU ID).

    June 18 Strawberry Festival
    July 23 Raspberry Festival
    August 13 Peach Festival

    Elderhostel - This world-wide program offers seniors (55 and over) a week-long collegiate experience of classes and dorm life. During the summer of 1997, PLU will be hosting one week of Scandinavian cultural studies on campus and also a one week program in a service-learning format on Mt. Rainier. Complete information is available through the Center for Public Service (206) 535-7173.

    And there will be many more outdooor and indoor events. Keep an eye on our web page or call 1-800-756-1563. You are always welcome!

    [IMAGE] This Summer, All Roads Lead to PLU

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