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Alumni Board reports on successful year

B Y  D A R R E N  K E R B S  ' 9 6 ,
A S S O C I A T E  D I R E C T O R  O F  A L U M N I  A N D  P A R E N T  R E L A T I O N S

The PLU Alumni Board met Sept. 11-12. Here are highlights from the committees:

Karen Fruehauf ’92, Chair
The student recruitment committee led by Gayle Lindeblom ’67 and Prentis Johnson ’78 is focusing its efforts on targeting Lutheran youth, including LC Missouri Synod, and an increased effort to recruit and retain people of color. The fund raising committee led by Phyllis (Grahn) Carroll ’55 has focused its efforts on the class representative program. The public relations committee led by Dick Londgren ’59 has been working to increase alumni focus, involvement and coverage in Scene magazine.

Jim Morrell ’91, Chair
Bev Knutzen ’55, chair of the special events committee, updated everyone on the events planned for Homecoming ’98. Mike Fuller ’94, chair of the student services committee, reported on a successful "Senior Disorientation" program last spring. His committee is working on various ways to support the goal to "Raise Loyal Lutes" by working to educate students about the Alumni Association and to develop programs available to current students. John Feldmann ’82, chair of the alumni services committee, has been focusing on building stronger connections with alumni. He has also been working with ArtCarved on the PLU ring program. Toppy Kyllo ’50, chair of board development, is working on a list of potential new board members for the future. In addition, she continues to work on developing a training program for new board members.

Dave Coltom ’83
Nikki Martin ’73, chair of the volunteer recruitment committee, looks forward to continuing the work that was started last spring in the area of alumni volunteers. Identifying both volunteer opportunities and volunteers will be her focus as she works with the volunteer programs intern in the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations. Sandra Krause ’89, alumni recognition committee chair, is developing candidates for the 1999 Alumni Awards.

Also: Becky Burad ’74 gave the board of regents report. The board also reflected on the organization, the staff and their participation in board activities.

To be or not to be - Alumni College trip to Ashland is unqualified success

B Y  D A R R E N  K E R B S  ' 9 6 ,
A S S O C I A T E  D I R E C T O R  O F  A L U M N I  A N D  P A R E N T  R E L A T I O N S

Alumni College 1998 proved to be both educational and fun as 50 PLU alumni and friends, Alumni and Parent Relations Director Lauralee Hagen '75, '78, and I traveled to the Ashland Shakespeare Festival (Ashland, Ore.) in July.
      Leading discussions were faculty members Bill Parker (theatre) and Megan Benton (English). We saw Shakespeare's "Henry IV" part one, "A Midsummer's Night Dream," and "Comedy of Errors," with great weather and company. We nearly rewrote "Comedy of Errors" when the air-conditioning on the bus gave out at the start of the trip home. We were a sight to see with ice bags on our heads, battery-operated fans blowing and newspapers lining the bus windows! Nonetheless, it was a bonding trip for all. Stay tuned for yet another great adventure for Alumni College 1999.
      Ashland again? If you are interested in a PLU group tour to the Ashland Shakespeare Festival next summer, please call us, 1-800-258-6758.

What does the mayor of Anchorage, Alaska, have in common with the mayor of Wenatchee, Washington? Their connection with PLU of course!

Anchorage: On Aug. 16 Mayor Rick and Mary Mystrom and their daughter, Jen '99, a PLU senior, hosted 120 Lutes in their home for a PLU Connections event. Alumni, parents, friends and current students gathered at the Mystrom home for a wonderful brunch. President Anderson shared a university update with the enthusiastic crowd.

Wenatchee: On Aug. 24 Mayor Earl '56 and Barbara Tilly (parents of Bart '89 and Shannon '94) hosted a gathering of alumni, parents, friends and current students from the Wenatchee area for a PLU Connections event.

PLU Connection groups are being formed throughout the country to build and strengthen the connection between PLU and its many constituents. If you are a "mayor" and have a PLU connection or just a loyal Lute who would like to help us host a PLU Connections event in your area, please call the Office of Alumni and Parent Relations, 1-800-258-6758.

Upcoming PLU Connections Events
Jan. 21
Stanford University (Palo Alto, Calif.)
Jan. 24
Phoenix, Ariz.
Jan. 26
San Diego, Calif.
Jan. 29
Pasadena, Calif.
March (TBA)
Cambridge or London, England
April 10
Mt. Vernon, Wash.

Interest rates lowered on new student loans through Jan. 30, 1999

In response to temporary legislation lowering the interest rates on new student loans, the United States Department of Education has lowered its interest rate for loan consolidation.

Until Jan. 30, 1999, the Department of Education is consolidating student loans - allowing borrowers to combine all of their loans into one loan - at a reduced interest rate of 7.46 percent. This rate is an entire percent lower than recent loan rates and even more of a savings for older loans. After Jan. 30, student loans will be consolidated at a higher rate.

This offer is available only to borrowers who are in repayment. To take advantage of this opportunity, contact the Direct Loan origination center at 1-800-557-7392 to get an application, or download one from www.ed.gov/DirectLoan.

A Window to the Past

Rev. Kelmer Roe This picture from the Dec. 11, 1964, Mooring Mast shows the Rev. Kelmer Roe, associate professor of Greek and religion at PLU from 1947-67, explaining to Joe Aalbue ’66 the Greek words for Christmas and New Year’s greetings.
      Roe’s daughter, Naomi Roe Nothstein ’53, said her father’s students sometimes teased him, calling him “Killer Roe,” since Greek is not an easy language to master. Roe now resides at Tacoma Lutheran Home with his wife of 68 years, Hannah ’51.
      The Roes’ connection to PLU lives on in their descendants. Besides Nothstein, they have a son, David Roe ’54 of Portland. Also on the alum list are Nothstein’s husband, Don ’50, and sons, Greg ’80 and Philip ’83.

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