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alumni profiles

Graduate brings thought-provoking modern dance to the world.


Holy Week

University members experience traditions.

Garfield Street

Growth benefits both business and university.

Best of Scene

A collection of the most outstanding Scene stories from the past and present.

here & now

Morken Center will open months ahead of schedule.

life of the mind

J-Term offers intense study, service and travel opportunities.

attaway lutes

Men’s and women’s tennis teams have stellar seasons.

alumni news & events

Recognition awards salute outstanding graduates.

leadership & service

Council makes parents a part of their children’s education.

alumni class notes

Keep up with your classmates’ achievements, moves and family changes!


Business professor Bruce Finnie explains how bureaucracy can be detrimental to companies and countries.


Jazz cruises and concerts under the stars are on the schedule for summer.

the arts

Student photographers capture unforgettable images during their J-Term courses abroad.

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