The Sustainability Committee was formed as a campus collaboration to inspire, promote, and celebrate sustainability at PLU.  They are the springboard for sustainability initiatives on campus and are the best start to getting involved in your own way.

The Sustainability Committee also oversees the Student Green Fees. In May of 2007, ASPLU legislation established a $10/semester tuition increase in order to fund green energy credits and sustainability projects.  Over 20% of that fund goes to student projects each year. On behalf of student leaders, the Sustainability Committee is seeking proposals for projects to be completed in the 2012-13 academic year.

The Green Fee fund this year contains $30,005.40.  This could fund one ambitious project or multiple smaller ones; we are open to requests for any amount.

 Here is a list of the project charters for past projects that have utilizes the Green Fees.

For information on our next Sustainability Committee meeting please tune into the home page, or check out the link of our important dates.

Committee Members

Rose McKenney, Chair                      

Professor of Religion     

Sheri Tonn                                        

Vice President of Finance and Operations                    

Chrissy Cooley                   

Sustainability Manager    

Emily Dooley


Geoff Loomis

Assistant Athletic Director

Chris James

Humanities Division

Gretchen Howell                   

Human Resources/Commute Smart          

Barbara Conner                                

University Communications        

Romey Haberle                           

Assistant Professor of Biology

Dave Kohler                                      

Director, Facilities Management

Joe Bell                                 

Environmental Health and Safety

Wendy Robins                       

Sustainability Operations Manager, Dining Services 

Joe Kowalczyk, M.S. 

Resident Director, Foss and Pflueger Halls

Brooke McIntyre                         

Student,  GREAN          

Sara Patterson                          

ASPLU Sustainability Director

Anna Pfohl      

RHA Sustainability Director   

Tyler Wilson                        


Kenny Stancil