PLU Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee was formed as a campus collaboration to inspire, promote, and celebrate sustainability at PLU before achieving official status in Spring 2014. Its members are the springboard for sustainability initiatives on campus and are the best start to getting involved in your own way.

The Sustainability Committee oversees awards of two $3,500 Student Sustainability Fellowships, which fund individual student research on any aspect of sustainability at PLU. To read more about the Fellowship Program, past fellowships, and our Sustainability Fellows, click here.

To contact the Sustainability Committee, email Chairperson Nathalie op de Beeck, at

Committee Members


Rainey Aberle
ASPLU Sustainability Director

Ashley Connors
RHA Sustainability Director

Reza Refaei
Sustainability Fellow


Allan Belton
Vice President of Finance and Operations

Jennifer Smith
Director of PLU Center for Gender Equity

Angie Hambrick
Assistant Vice President of Diversity, Justice, and Sustainability

Ken Côté
Campus Landscape & Athletic Fields

Currently No Representative
Campus Tree Committee

First sprouts to rise: Ribbon cutting ceremony also marks new plant life at PLU community garden.


Nathalie op de Beeck, Chair
Associate Professor of English

Tim Mooney
Assistant Professor of Finance

Tarka Wilcox, Secretary
Assistant Professor of Geosciences

Administrators & Staff

Gretchen Howell
Associate Director of HR, Campus Transportation

Wendy Robins
The Commons Operation Manager

Joel Zylstra
Director of Center for Community Engagement & Service

Raymond Orr
Associate Vice President, Facilities Management

Sean Lynn
Resource Conservation Manager

Chris Albert
Marketing & Communications

Joe Bell
Director of Environmental, Health, Safety & Emergency Programs

Saiyare Refaei
Coordinator for Sustainability Integration