Justin Lytle, Ph.D.

Professor of Chemistry


Office Location: Rieke Science Center - 245

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  • U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, 2005-2008
  • Ph.D., University of Minnesota, 2005
  • B.A., Wittenberg University, 2000

Areas of Emphasis or Expertise

  • Fabricating and characterizing nanoarchitectured materials
  • Electrochemically analyzing battery and capacitor electrodes


Classes Taught

CHEM 115 – General Chemistry I with laboratory
CHEM 116 – General Chemistry II with laboratory
CHEM 410 – Introduction to Research
CHEM 450 – Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 487 – Special Topics in Chemistry

Teaching Philosophy

Inspire students to excel in chemistry with:

  • clear and interesting lectures
  • fun chemistry demonstrations
  • personalized attention outside of the classroom
  • a learning environment that emphasizes patience and caring for their personal well-being

Selected Articles

  • Parker, J.F.; So, C.R.; Sassin, M.B.; Ko, J.S.; Jeon, S.; Chervin, C.R.; Lytle, J.C.; Helms, M.E.; Rolison, D.R.; and Long, J.W.. "Pyrolytic carbon films with tunable electronic structure and surface functionality: A planar stand-in for electroanalysis of energy-relevant reactions." ChemElectroChem Vol. 7, 2020: 672-683.
  • Parker, J.F.; Kamm, G.E.; McGovern, A.D.; DeSario, P.A.; Rolison, D.R.; Lytle, J.C. and Long, J.W. . "Rewriting Electron-Transfer Kinetics at Pyrolytic Carbon Electrodes Decorated with Nanometric Ruthenium Oxide." Langmuir Vol. 33, 2017: 9416-9425.
  • Lytle, J.C.; Banbury, J.M.; Blakney, R.A.; Burke, M.S.; Clark, R.P.A.; Fisher, R.D.; Frederiksen, S.V.; Marshall, A.R.; McNally, M.T.; Ostendorf, M.L.; Serier, K.N.; Shiu, M.; Toivola, R.E.; Travers, C.S. and Wright, E.R. "The preparation and properties of carbon inverse opal papers using carbon fiber sheets as
a framework." J. Mater. Chem. A Vol. 4, 2016: 3494-3503.

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