Facilities/Instrumentation/Lab Safety


The Rieke Science Center supports students and programs with efficient teaching and research laboratories.


Here is a subset of our major instrumentation with a more detailed collection to be added.

  • 500 MHz Bruker solution and solid-state NMR with sample changer and five probes
  • Asylum MFP-3D AFM
  • ICP-MS with autosampler
  • Agilent GC/MS with autosampler
  • Agilent LC
  • Perkin Elmer FTIR
  • Two Raman Spectrometers
  • Analytical and Prep Waters HPLC
  • Waters GPC with UV and RI detection
  • Agilent Triple Detection GPC with autosampler (PL-GPC 50 Plus)
  • Cary 5000 UV/VIS/NIR
  • Aminco Bowman spectrofluorometer
  • Glass Contour five solvent purification system

Chemistry Laboratory Safety at PLU

The PLU Chemistry Department has a safety program that allows for effective and safe work in our laboratories for students, staff, and faculty. Please visit the links below to understand and learn more about safety at PLU.

Thanks are extended to the PLU Chemistry Club for modeling the good and bad of personal protective equipment and other safety practices at PLU!