Ksenija Simic-Muller

Coordinator of Peace Scholars Program

Ksenija Simic-Muller
Morken Center for Learning & Technology - Room 257
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Additional Titles/Roles

  • Associate Professor of Mathematics


  • Ph.D., Mathematics, Carnegie Mellon University, 2004
  • M.S., Mathematics, Carnegie Mellon University, 2000
  • Undergraduate, Theoretical Mathematics, University of Belgrade, 1997

Areas of Emphasis or Expertise

  • Logic
  • Mathematics Education
  • Math and Social Justice


  • Reflecting the World: A Guide to Incorporating Equity in Mathematics Teacher Education co-authored with Mathew D. Felton-Koestler and José María Menéndez, (Information Age Publishing, Inc., 2017) : View Book


Why do you serve on the Peace Scholars Committee? 

I was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia (Former Yugoslavia), and have had first-hand experience with the effects of war and conflict.  I teach in the Mathematics Department and have a particular interest in issues of equity and social justice in mathematics education. My personal experiences and professional interests are closely linked to the pursuit of peace and justice, and I am appreciative of the opportunity to serve on the Nobel Peace Prize Forum Committee.


Professional information

Ksenija Simic-Muller received her undergraduate degree in Theoretical Mathematics at the University of Belgrade in Serbia (former Yugoslavia), and her masters and doctoral degrees from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Her doctorate was in Pure and Applied Logic. She then had a teaching postdoctoral position at the University of Arizona, where she retrained as a mathematics educator while working for the Center for the Mathematics Education of Latinos/as. Her current research interests are in the areas of culturally relevant mathematics teaching, teaching mathematics for social justice, and equity in mathematics education in general, especially as they pertain to teacher education.