PLU Announces New Office of Congregational Outreach and Engagement

Delegates to the Corporation Meeting this past September heard the first announcement of an exciting new development at PLU. Pr. Melanie Wallschlaeger of the Southwestern Washington Synod staff, presented a summary of a year-long review of the Congregation Relations office. The review team included representatives of the University as well as congregations from Western Washington.

The team affirmed “a passionate interest and support for the role of congregation relations at PLU” as well as the University’s commitment to its Lutheran identity and distinctiveness. At the same time, they recognized PLU’s growth in ecumenical and interfaith dialog and looked forward to “what that dialog may bring to partnerships in the future.”

Among the review team’s recommendations is the creation of a full time position of Director of Congregational Outreach and Engagement for the purpose of connecting the University with its congregations as a way to deepen relationships with key constituents and extending its mission. Pr. John Rosenberg (who previously served as Interim University Pastor) will serve half time as Interim Director during the 2016-17 academic year. His role includes initial development of the position as well as assisting with the search and call process for a full-time rostered person who will begin his/her duties next summer. Pr. Rosenberg can be reached at

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