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Confirmation Scholarships Form

PLU Confirmation Scholarship Form

PLU Confirmation Scholarships are available only to students from ELCA Region 1 congregations (Region 1 includes Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho & Montana).

This Confirmation Scholarship form must be completed and submitted by a church official (i.e. pastor, youth pastor or leader, church secretary/administrator, etc.). If you are a student or parent of a student, please send this form to a church official to complete.

We recommend that this form be completed at least one month prior to the student's Affirmation of Baptism service (we will mail scholarship certificates to the church to be distributed, preferably at the confirmation celebration). If the form is not completed before the Affirmation of Baptism service, then it must be completed before the student's high school graduation.

Please direct any questions about this form or the confirmation scholarship to the PLU Office of Admission at 253-535-7151 or admission@plu.edu.

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