PLU Corporation Purpose Statement:

The purpose of the PLU Corporation is to support the mission of the University through strong and vibrant connections within the ELCA community. In collaboration with our other constituent communities, the PLU Corporation will represent and advocate for Lutheran Higher Education including its values and traditions.

PLU Corporation Member Representative Responsibilities:

  1. Represent the Congregations of Region 1 of the ELCA to PLU and PLU to the ELCA Congregations of Region 1.
  2. Participate in the PLU Annual Corporation Meeting.
  3. Be in communication with Member Representatives of the Corporation, Corporation Leadership Committee, your synod office and congregations of your synod as needed throughout the year.
  4. Serve as an advocate for PLU by:
    1. Keeping current on the life of PLU
    2. Promoting PLU events as much as possible
    3. Being familiar with, have access to, and utilize resources to share with others about opportunities for Lutheran students
    4. Being familiar with the PLU mission and the purpose of the PLU Corporation
  5. Pray for PLU – Staff, Faculty, Administration, Students, and Board of Regents

Optional Opportunities to Support PLU:

  • Support PLU financially as you are able.
  • Participate in PLU events.

Resources and Support for Corporation Member Representatives:

You Can Help Recruit Future Lutes

Help us spread the word by contacting your pastor and/or congregations in your cluster about the Confirmation Scholarship.

Please note that any youth interested in the confirmation scholarship must apply by graduation of their senior year in high school.