Why Study Religion?

We live in a world where the practice of religion flourishes in a rich diversity, in a country where many social and political issues contain a religious dimension, and in communities where issues are charged with religious language: abortion, fundamentalism, gay rights, environmental protection, Holocaust studies, poverty, stem-cell research, and war. The value of a college education increases when graduates have a better understanding of religion’s presence, diversity, and influence in regional, national, and global life. The study of religion will help you speak to why religion gives meaning and purpose to billions of people on the planet.

At PLU, Religion Department faculty members lead students in the lively study of religion’s sacred texts and practices, histories, theologies, and ethics. PLU students can take classes in environmental ethics, the religions of Asia, feminist theology, Luther, Native American traditions of the Pacific Northwest – to name just a few.  PLU students study religion in Tacoma and Seattle as well as far off destinations such as Hawaii, Rome, or Trinidad-Tobago.

Our graduates make significant contributions to the community as lawyers, school teachers and college professors, lay and ordained religious leaders and leaders in local and global agencies devoted to healthcare and the environment.

Like people everywhere, PLU students have questions, fears, doubts, and hopes. Through the lively study of religion, we prepare students for focused living in a complex world.

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