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Study Abroad

Religion students at PLU have the opportunity to explore the history and diversity of religion abroad.


Oia Santorini
RELI 213: Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean, Greece

Explore the rich history of ancient Mediterranean religious life in Greece.

Dr. Antonios Finitsis will be directing this course in Summer 2021 and J-term 2023.


Honolulu, Hawaii

RELI 132: Religions of East Asia in Honolulu, Hawaii

Explore the religious diversity of Asia in one city.

This course is on indefinite hiatus.

Religion students

Oaxaca, Mexico

Religion students
RELI 230: Religious Diversity in Southern Mexico

Explore the diversity of religious experience in Southern Mexico.

Dr. Michael Zbaraschuk will be directing this course in J-term 2022 or 2023.

Oaxaca, Mexico