Major in Religion

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The B.A. in Religion requires 32 credit hours.

Of these:

  • At least 16 credit hours will be 300-level courses or RELI 495: Internship.
  • At least 8 credit hours will be housed in each of the two lines: Christian Traditions (RC) and Global Religious Traditions (RG)
  • 4 credit hours will be fulfilled through RELI 499: Capstone Seminar.
  • Transfer students must take at least 20 hours of Religion coursework at PLU

The Bachelor of Arts degree in religion allows for flexibility: consult with the department chair to consider the best plan of study for you.

What Does ``RC`` and ``RG`` Mean?

  1. Christian Traditions (RC) courses examine diverse forms of Christianity within their historical, cultural and political contexts.
  2. Global Religious Traditions (RG) highlights PLU’s commitment to local-global education through analysis of diverse religions, both here and abroad.

The Religion Capstone

In RELI 499, capstone students develop a substantial intellectual project and present their work publicly.