Major in Religion

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The B.A. in Religion requires 32 credit hours.

Of these:

  • At least 16 credit hours will be 300-level courses or RELI 495: Internship.
  • At least 8 credit hours will be housed in each of the two lines: Christian Traditions (RC) and Global Religious Traditions (RG)
  • 4 credit hours will be fulfilled through RELI 499: Capstone Seminar.
  • Transfer students must take at least 20 hours of Religion coursework at PLU

The Bachelor of Arts degree in religion allows for flexibility: consult with the department chair to consider the best plan of study for you.

Religion Major Fact Sheet

What Does ``RC`` and ``RG`` Mean?

  1. Christian Traditions (RC) courses examine diverse forms of Christianity within their historical, cultural and political contexts.
  2. Global Religious Traditions (RG) highlights PLU’s commitment to local-global education through analysis of diverse religions, both here and abroad.

The Religion Capstone

RELI 498 is the prerequisite to the capstone, where majors are introduced to the methods of research. In RELI 499, capstone students develop a substantial intellectual project and present their work publicly.