Who is eligible to use the Health Center

Office visits are provided at no charge to all PLU students. It does not matter if you are undergraduate, graduate, international, or domestic. We do not ask to see your insurance card, just your PLU ID card. There is no charge for sick visits, physical examinations, or health education services.

 If you have graduated, you may still visit the PLU Health Center through August 31st (June graduates) or March 31st (December graduates).

Certain services, such as medications and lab tests that must be sent to an off-site facility incur fees. We make every effort to ensure keep costs at a minimum.

Your Privacy

There are strict Federal and state privacy laws regarding medical care. The details of the care you receive at the Health Center is kept strictly confidential. We need your written permission to share any information, including information with parents, family members, spouses or partners, or anyone outside of the PLU medical community. Exceptions apply in the event of an emergency and communication between healthcare providers who are directly involved in your care.

If the Health Center is closed...

In an emergency, call 7911 from on campus or 911 from off campus. If the Health Center is closed and you require urgent medical advice, you may contact the MultiCare nurse consulting line by calling 253-796-6300.

Please note that the MultiCare nurse consulting line is unable to authorize prescription refills.