Interdisciplinary Programs


As John Dewey reminds us, “No discipline alone can solve the big questions we face.”
In the 21st century, global possibilities present us with increasingly complex issues and problems.  Interdisciplinary study asks us to consider multiple perspectives—as provided by different disciplines and theories—in order to generate new insights that are purposeful, disciplined, and integrated.
At PLU, students can engage in interdisciplinary thinking through various avenues.  The First-Year Experience Program (FYEP) is taught by faculty across the disciplines, and thus encourage students to engage in critical thinking and writing from those multiple perspectives. The General Education curriculum offers all students the opportunities to engage with multiple disciplines, and, over time, to consider how multiple perspectives and frameworks can inform possibilities and solutions.  The International Honors Program (IHON) is an alternate route that eligible students can pursue for their General Education program. 
Many students at PLU discover ways to craft their own interdisciplinary inquiry by composing a set of majors and minors that ultimately provide views from multiple perspectives onto important issues and problems.  The following majors and minors are grounded as interdisciplinary approaches through which to study a wide range of questions, possibilities, and emerging issues.

Interdisciplinary majors and minors available at PLU include:

Major Minor
Chinese Studies 32 credits 20 credits
Environmental Studies* 40 credits 24 credits
Global Studies * 32 credits 20 credits
Publishing and Printing Arts* 24 credits
Scandinavian Area Studies 40 credits 24 credits
Women's and Gender Studies* 32 credits 20 credits
Individualized Major See course catalog

*Requires a primary or complimentary major or minor.