What is an Individualized Major in Interdisciplinary Studies?

The individualized major offers students the chance to design and propose their own program of study, charting a course through PLU’s curriculum that allows them to pursue their interests and prepare for their future.

Examples include previous majors in Digital Media, Indigenous Studies, Global Health, and Environmental Education. Drawing courses from across PLU’s offerings, students with individualized majors develop their expertise in conversation with a committee of faculty who support and guide them. Unlike in other majors, the requirements and learning outcomes for each individualized major are unique, proposed by the student and approved by faculty.

How do I find out if this is right for me?

Talk with your faculty advisors, or reach out to the program director for a conversation. We’ll discuss your academic interests, professional aspirations, and consider if an Individualized Major is right for you. Your advisor will review your previous coursework and help you think about what coursework would best fit your interests.

When should I apply?

We recommend that proposals be submitted at least one week before registration, and prior to your senior year to provide time for planning your schedule.

Proposals, questions, and ideas then go to Dean of the College of Liberal Studies, Stephanie Johnson.