Samah Warrag, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor


Office Location: Morken Center for Learning & Technology - 245

Office Hours: (On Campus) M W F: 10:20 am - 11:30 am (On Campus) Mon - Fri: By Appointment

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  • Professional


  • Ph.D., Chemistry and chemical engineering, Eindhoven University of Technology, 2018
  • M.S., Chemical Engineering, Texas A&M University, 2014
  • B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Khartoum , 2011

Peer Reviewed Journals

  • Tarek Lemaoui, Yacine Benguerba, Ahmad S. Darwish, Farah Abu Hatab, Samah E. E. Warrag, Maaike C. Kroon, Inas M. Alnashef (2021). " “Simultaneous Dearomatization, Desulfurization, and Denitrogenation of Diesel Fuels Using Acidic Deep Eutectic Solvents as Extractive Agents: A Parametric Study” ." Separation and Purification Technology, 256, 117861.
  • Darwish, A.S.; Warrag, S.E.E.; Lemaoui, T.; Alseiari, M.K.; Hatab, F.A.; Rafay, R.; Alnashef, I.; Rodríguez, J.; Alamoodi, N. (2021). "Green Extraction of Volatile Fatty Acids from Fermented Wastewater Using Hydrophobic Deep Eutectic Solvents.." Fermentation, 7, 226.
  • Farah Abu Hatab, Ahmad S. Darwish, Tarek Lemaoui, Samah E.E. Warrag, Yacine Benguerba, Maaike C. Kroon, Inas M. AlNashef (2020). "“Extraction of Thiophene, Pyridine, and Toluene from n-decane as Diesel Model Using Betaine-Based Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents”." Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data, 65, 11, 5443–5457.
  • Samah E.E. Warrag, Ahmad S. Darwish, Idowu A. Adeyemi, Mohamed K. Hadj-Kali, Maaike C. Kroon, Inas M. AlNashef (2020). "“Extraction of pyridine from n-alkane mixtures using methyltriphenylphosphonium bromide-based deep eutectic solvents as extractive denitrogenation agents”." Fluid Phase Equilibria, 517, 112622.
  • Dannie J. G. P. van Osch, Carin H. J. T. Dietz, Samah E. E. Warrag, Maaike C. Kroon (2020). "“The Curious Case of Hydrophobic Deep Eutectic Solvents: A Story on the Discovery, Design, and Applications"." ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng., 8, 29, 10591–10612.
  • Samah E. E. Warrag, Ahmad S. Darwish, Farah O. S. Abuhatab, Idowu A. Adeyemi, Maaike C. Kroon, Inas M. AlNashef (2020). "“ Combined Extractive Dearomatization, Desulfurization, and Denitrogenation of Oil Fuels Using Deep Eutectic Solvents: A Parametric Study”." Ind. Eng. Chem. Res., 59, 11723−11733.


  • Richard E. Ewing Award for Excellence in Student Research, Best Graduate Student of the year (2014), Texas A&M University
  • Fuels and Petrochemicals Division of AIChE, Harry West Student Poster Award – 3rd Place. November 3-8, Fall 2013 AIChE Annual Meeting. San Francisco, California