Share your achievement and the achievement of others

Marketing & Communications is dedicated to uplifting faculty, staff and student excellence across Pacific Lutheran University’s campus. The university values community members who live out the mission in a variety of ways, both here and beyond. Our division seeks submissions — to be shared through a variety of content channels — that showcase the outstanding, diverse work across departments.

Achievements to highlight may include:

  • Awards, special recognitions and honors
  • Discoveries and breakthroughs in research
  • Publications, news media coverage and book releases
  • Keynotes, presentations and panel participation at far-reaching conferences and events
  • Notable projects or community service

Marketing & Communications works to share your accomplishments on a wide range of platforms, to maximize audience reach and disseminate through the most appropriate, efficient channels. Examples of possible content channels include:

  • Provost website, newsletter or other mailers
  • Campus digital display boards
  • Accolades, Lute Library or other standing sections in ResoLute
  • Social media or PLU News posts