Communication Program

The game is changing. Modes of communication are rapidly evolving and emerging. A solid foundation of communication theory is crucial to adapt to constantly changing media. Developing marketable skills and knowledge domains are necessary to be a professional communicator.

The communication curriculum at PLU balances communication theory with practical application.

Student paper

All communication students take a core sequence of courses before breaking off into their respective disciplines (Conflict & Global Peacebuilding, Journalism, Public Relations & Advertising, and Communication Studies).

Application outside of the classroom is integral to students’ development. All of our students complete at least one internship at organizations of their choice. Many students complete more than one.

With knowledge of communication comes responsibility. Students learn ethical standards of their practice and how they interact with local and global communities, culture, and the academic field.

Communication offers major concentrations in:

  • Communication Studies
  • Conflict & Global Peacebuilding
  • Journalism
  • Public Relations & Advertising

Degree Requirements here.

Award-winning Organizations

The department also boasts a wide array of organizations to help provide students with resources and experiences to get students’ resumes started. Communication at PLU houses Speech and Debate, Society of Professional Journalists, MediaLab – an award-winning student-run media agency, and an array of student-produced media which includes PLU’s weekly newspaper The Mooring Mast, LASR student radio, and KCNS student television. Learn more about them here.