Creativity for Life

Study how innovation works–then do it!

Courses in the Innovation Studies minor teach fundamental skills like design thinking, collaboration, and building an entrepreneurial mindset. You then form teams and develop your own solutions to contemporary problems and strategic opportunities.

The program also prepares students to tell a unique story about their college experience to future employers. Each course emphasizes critical thinking and the skills that organizations most want from graduates. Think of the minor as a toolkit with essential business and problem-solving skills that will enhance your core proficiencies and apply those skills to the real world.

Typically, the INOV program offers Hist/Phil/Coma 248: Innovation, Ethics, and Society in the Fall, and Inov 350: Innovation Seminar in the Spring. You can view the current 4-year course plan here.

In Fall 2024, our featured “Intro” or “gateway course” will be COMA 248: Innovation, Ethics, and Society, taught by Justin Eckstein, Prof. of Communication, Media, and Design Arts. The class will meet Tues/Thurs from 3:40pm to 5:25pm.

Google's James McLurkin shows off his "swarm" robots to students in the Innovation Studies Makerspace. (Photo: PLU/John Froschauer)