Contact Us

To learn more about social impact projects at PLU, contact the following team members.

Innovation Studies Student Ambassadors for Social Impact (2022):

  • Heven Ambachew (Computer science, Innovation studies)
  • Mary Campbell (History, Business, Innovation studies)
  • Felix Halvorson (English writing, Communication, German, Music)

Social Impact Group / Community Engagement

  • Dr. Mike Halvorson (Innovation Studies)
  • George Zeno (PLU Advancement)
  • Dr. Mark Mulder (School of Business)
  • Shelly Cano Kurtz (Giving Tech Labs, PLU Alum)
  • Luis Salazar (Giving Tech Labs)

Shelly Kurtz, Felix Halvorson, Heven Ambachew, Mary Campbell, and Mike Halvorson at the Parkland Mural, April 4, 2022. (PLU Photo/John Froschauer)