Careers for Innovation Studies Minors

Innovate on Behalf of the Earth

Make things easier, faster, and better. The Innovation Studies program prepares students for life after graduation by emphasizing the skills that employers most want from college graduates. Think of this program as a toolkit containing essential business and problem-solving skills that will enhance the core proficiencies of your major and apply those skills to the real world. Innovation Studies courses prepare students to recognize, evaluate, and exploit emerging opportunities– for other people, for their communities, and for the earth.

Innovation Studies is an “outward facing” minor designed to help you solve problems in a team-driven context. Learn to communicate well with others, organize and prioritize workflows, sell your ideas, and become proficient with important technologies. Examine the historical and ethical contexts of everyday entrepreneurial activities, and then roll up your sleeves and get to work! From creating a new business venture to designing and writing social media marketing materials—from planning a corporate event to selling new ideas to key constituents—Innovation Studies students develop the career skills that employers most want.

To read how an Innovation Studies graduate created a successful small business, read An Interview with Fashion Designer Mariken Lund.

Making connections through a PLU Career Connection's event
Making connections through a PLU Career Connection's event

Skills Employers Want Most in Recent Graduates

#1. Work well on diverse teams.

#2. Make decisions & solve problems.

#3. Communicate well verbally with people inside and outside of unit.

#4. Plan, organize, & prioritize work.

#5. Proficiency with computers and technology.

#6. Ability to sell and influence others.

#7. Imagine, create, and see connections.

#8. Storytelling and maximizing stories.

Source: Data compiled by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Forbes Magazine, & the National Association of Colleges & Employers.