Department ofComputer Science & Computer Engineering

CSCE Facilities

The Computer Science and Computer Engineering department is housed in the Morken Center for Learning and Technology.


Morken 203 Classroom

203 Classroom Morken 203 is a state of the art classroom with room for 38 students, each with access to a computer. Each desk is equipped with a Dell computer running Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux with a recessed monitor. There are two projection screens that can project content from a variety of sources including DVD, VCR, computer, document camera, and laptop.

Morken 210 Lab

210 Lab Morken 210 is an open lab available for use by all CSCE students. It is reserved for class lab sessions during certain times on Tuesday and Thursday, but is otherwise available to students anytime the building is open. It includes 20 Dell computers running Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux. It also includes audio and projection capabilities from the instructor's podium.

Morken 227 Lab

227 Lab Morken 227 is an open lab that is available to students at any time. There are no classes scheduled in this room. The room includes several (about 10) Dell computers running Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux. There is a round table for study, and the walls have "Wall-Talker" installed (a dry-erase, white board material).

Morken 212 Lab

212 Lab Morken 212 is our digital and analog electronics lab classroom. It includes a number of Dell computers equipped with Windows 7 and Ubuntu Linux. There are a variety of electronics tools such as oscilloscopes, PIC programmers, voltage meters, function generators, etc. It also includes audio-visual equipment similar to Morken 210.

Student Research Rooms

Student Research Rooms We have three rooms in Morken and one room in the Rieke science center for students pursuing research projects. These rooms are usually allocated to students who are currently enrolled in the senior capstone project course (CSCE 499). These rooms are available for the students at any time that the building is open, and include a number of computers as well as whiteboards and shelf space.