Why Study Computer Science at PLU?

There are many reasons why studying Computer Science at PLU is a great choice. The CS department has small class sizes, dedicated and caring faculty, great facilities, and an excellent curriculum.

Our curriculum prepares students to work in the high technology industry as professional software developers, to continue their studies in graduate school, or to apply their computational skills to another field.  With a degree in computer science you might end up writing code for software simulations of proteins, creating the next big video game, or developing a social application that connects people in new ways.  The possibilities seem limitless.

Software is a fundamental part of modern life.  Most of what we do runs on software, and the world needs quality people to create that software.  At PLU, we strive to educate our students to be responsible citizens, critical thinkers, effective communicators, and to value life-long learning.  Employers value our students for their technical ability, broad education and excellent communication skills.

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Where do our students go?

Our graduates are employed by top technology companies all over the world. Our graduates work at Microsoft, Boeing, Zillow, Bungie Software, Amazon, Intel, and many other places. Employers value our students broad education, technical ability, and communication skills.

Job Opportunities
Did you know?

Computer Science is a top paying degree and computer programming jobs are growing at twice the national average. It is estimated that there will be 1,000,000 more computing jobs than students over the next ten years.

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Capstone Symposium

The Capstone Symposium is an annual event showcasing the senior projects of our computer science majors. The festival is the culmination of the senior capstone experience, and is a celebration of the students' accomplishments.