Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reserve a room on campus?

Reserving a room on campus is simple. You must first go to our Campus Scheduler and log in with your epass. Here is a quick start guide on how to use the Campus Scheduler.

Can I have alcohol at my campus event?

Yes! If you want to have an event with alcohol you must first reserve alcohol service on the last page of the Campus Scheduler and then fill out the alcohol application form. Once this is complete the form will be routed to your Director/Dean and then to your divisions Vice President for final approval. If you have any questions please read over the alcohol policy website or contact Conference and Event Services.

How do I order media equipment for my event?

Whether you need to order microphones, laptops, sound systems, or portable screen you can do it all on the last page of the Campus Scheduler. Conference and Events will then order your media and send you a confirmation.

How do I order Catering?

When booking your event through the Campus Scheduler you can also order catering resources on the last page of scheduler. Once you add your catering resources the Catering Department will then contact you to finalize your order.