Ceramics at PLU

``Everything changes, everything is connected, pay attention``

Students use some of the same techniques employed hundreds of years ago, from coils, slabs, hump molds and the throwing wheel, all of which students will learn to master as they advance their skills in creating successful wares. The art requires consistent practice. Ceramics at PLU teaches students not only to expressive themselves through clay, but create functional wares.

Classes available

ARTD 230: Ceramics 1 
Introduction to ceramic materials, tools, and techniques including hand-built and wheel-thrown methods, and glaze application. Includes a survey of ceramic art. (4 credits)

ARTD 330: Ceramics 2
Advanced techniques in ceramic construction and experiments in glaze formation. Focus on form and craftsmanship. Prerequisite: ARTD 230 or consent of the instructor. (4 credits)

ARTD 430: Ceramics 3
Individual research into ceramic construction, kiln operations, experiments in glaze formation, and non-traditional surface treatments. May be taken twice. Prerequisite: ARTD 330. (4 credits)

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