Poet/Writer, and Cofounder of Two Sylvias Press
Faculty member, PLU’s Creative Writing MFA program

How did your English major establish a foundation for your career path?

Being an English major provided me with job opportunities not just in small indie presses, but also in large corporations, as well as roles focused on websites and tech jobs. Given that so much content is being read nowadays, companies are seeking English majors for a variety of positions, ranging from content creators to proofreaders. Both my English degree and subsequent MFA have given me a strong foundation as a writer, educator, and editor, and they’ve also opened doors to corporate roles.

What do you love about your job?

Can I say everything? I feel so lucky to work with students who are devoted to and excited about creative writing; as an editor and book cover designer, I help create beautiful books for poets, which is a joy. Both of my current jobs at Two Sylvias Press and as faculty in PLU’s low-res MFA program are my dream jobs!

What was your favorite part about majoring in English?

That part of my job as a student was to read literature and write poetry—I still do that for fun on my own!

Kelli Russell Agodon