The PLU English Major and Concentrations

English majors at PLU complete three core courses that introduce the skills of creative and critical reading and writing that unite all three concentrations of our major.

  • ENGL 227 – Introduction to Creative Writing
  • ENGL 275 – Literary Passages: An Introduction to Literatures in English
  • ENGL 300 – Living Stories

Students then complete one of three Concentrations:

  • The Creative Writing Concentration allows students to hone their craft in a variety of genres through intensive writing workshop courses.
  • The Professional, Public, and Digital Literacies Concentration teaches students skills of effective writing and storytelling for a variety of practical situations – including an emphasis on digital media.
  • The Literature Concentration allows students to explore the diverse range of literatures written in English – American, British, and Global – to understand how writers have used the creative power of literary expression to understand and engage the world.

Students may earn more than one Concentration, but this requires taking additional courses beyond the minimum 36 credits required for the major.

You can explore the major requirements and English course descriptions in the PLU Catalog.