Welcome to the English major at PLU!

Our major can be customized to reflect one of two emphases (Literature or Writing). You can explore both of these options in detail by clicking on the arrow next to “Majors” and then selecting “Catalog.” All English majors must complete¬†two years or the equivalent of college-level study of a foreign language (see Catalog Option One).

Requiring 36-44 credit hours, an English major with an emphasis in Literature includes our English Studies Seminar (ENGL 300), one Writing course, and one to two ENGL/PPAP electives. Students take four upper-division courses in our Literature and Social Change category, developing their understandings of Literary Innovations and Historical Contexts (in American, British, and Global Anglophone literatures) and taking thematic courses in Literature, Culture, and Power that explore topics including post-colonial studies, environment, gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, and genocide and the Holocaust. To complete their major, students take our pre-Capstone methods course (ENGL 400) and our Capstone Seminar in Literature.

Requiring 36-44 credit hours, an English major with an emphasis in Writing includes our English Studies Seminar (ENGL 300), two Literature courses, and one to three ENGL/PPAP electives. Students take three Writing courses drawn from four categories (Creative Nonfiction, Poetry and Fiction, History and Theory, and Writing in Specific Contexts) and complete their degree with the Capstone Seminar in either Fiction, Poetry, or Nonfiction.

 Minors: The Department of English offers minors in Literature, Writing, and Publishing and Printing Arts (PPAP).