Grades K-5 Registration & Information

Registration is open.

General Rules and Guidelines:

  • All students must refrain from doing experiments which may be hazardous to themselves, others, or animals.
  • No bacterial growth projects will be allowed for grades K-5.
  • You can submit either a scientific project or an engineering project.
    • Scientific projects must follow the scientific method and test a hypothesis. Projects may follow a modified methodology where the student is following Next Generation Science Standards*. No displays or demonstration projects, for example, no volcano demonstrations. No materials used in a scientific project will be allowed as part of the student display at the fair.
    • Engineering projects must identify a need or problem to be solved and design a solution that could take the form of a drawing, a model or prototype, or writing or using a program. The solution needs to be part of the student display at the fair.
  • Students may work by themselves or as a team of two (recommended) or three members. If students on the team are in different grade levels, the team will be placed in the highest grade level of the members. When registering as a team, have each team member submit a form and list all members in the team member names box.
  • A student’s project should reflect his/her age and ability level.
  • All projects must be supervised by an adult.

*Typically an NGSS approach will start with a problem statement followed by one or more preliminary hypotheses. The student may proceed to gather preliminary data followed by modifying or selecting a hypothesis to proceed with the scientific method. We note that NGSS standards are slowly being implemented in schools. Not all students will be working with a modified approach at the same time. Our judges will be aware of this.