2018 Awards

Congratulations to the Overall Winners of the 2018 South Sound Regional Science & Engineering Fair!

1st Place: Ashlynn Gallagher, W.F. West HS: A Novel Approach To Diagnosing Zika: The Use of Silk Fibroin Protein and 2D Paper Networks To Create A Temperature-Independent, Affordable Paper Test Strip

2nd Place: Sathvik Nallamalli, Olympia HS: A Portable Android Based Diagnosis System of Prevalent Chronic Respiratory Illnesses

3rd Place: Abhinav Gundrala, Olympia HS: Myocardial Infarction Prediction and Detection System Using AI Based GAN Algorithms

4th Place: Nuria Chandra, Capital HS: Isolation and Characterization of an E. faecalis Bacteriophage for Dental Caries Treatment

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