General Criteria

Judges evaluate and focus on

  1. What the student did;
  2. How well a student followed the methodologies;
  3. The detail and accuracy of research as documented in the journal or data book; and
  4. Whether experimental procedures were used in the best possible way.

Initially, judges get their information from your board and journal/data book, but it is the interview that will be the final determination of your work. Judges applaud those students who can speak freely and confidently about their work. They are not interested in memorized speeches or presentations – they simply want to talk with you about your research to see if you have a good grasp of your project from start to finish.

It is important to start the interview off right. Greet the judges and introduce yourself. You want to make a good first impression. Appearance, good manners, appropriate attire, and enthusiasm for what you are doing will impress the judges. Relax, smile and enjoy your time to learn from them and accept their accolades for your fine work.