How to Submit your Project

Email all files to Submissions to other email addresses will not be accepted.

We want you to be able to submit your project. If you have any difficulty with format or file size or email please contact us at the above email address and we will work with you to get your material submitted.

1. File formats. See below on options for creating these formats:

  • PowerPoint pptx or ppt
  • PDF

2. File sizes:
10MB is a safe limit for your project file size.
If you are over this please send us a short email so we watch for your project to be sure we receive it.

3. Access to apps to prepare your project: If you have Microsoft Office use PowerPoint to prepare your presentation. If you do not have MS Office, there are two options:

A. Google slides: This is a free app if you have a google account. If you have or create a gmail account you can find Slides by clicking on the matrix of dots in the upper right corner area. Google slides does have features for creating graphs and charts. Please prepare your project from Slides by selecting File – Downloads and file type Microsoft PowerPoint pptx. You do not need to have PowerPoint to save the project as a pptx file. However you will not be able to view the file outside of Slides unless you download a free PowerPoint viewer from Microsoft. We will let you know if we see problems.

B. Office Online: There is a free online version of Office. You will need to have or create a Microsoft account (free). Note that this app does not allow creation or insertion of Excel charts or graphs. Photos can be inserted.
Click in this link to access Office Online

Note that some web browsers might be set to block pop ups. If you are unable to load a project into Slides or online PowerPoint change your setting to allow pop ups.

4. Journal submittal. Only for 6-12. No journal submittal for K-5. Please submit along with your slides in a separate document only those pages from your journal that contain raw data. Review of raw data will be part of our judging process. You may scan or photograph such pages. Please be sure all images you submit are sharp and readable. If your files are too large submit several individual documents. Send to

5. K-8 Submittal Only. We may interview some 6-8 participants who are candidates for Broadcom Masters nomination. We will provide this information in the week ahead of the fair. All K-8 will receive an email with a question set. Please answer each of the questions in this sheet and submit along with your slides in a separate document. Since we are not interviewing K-8 participants (other than possibly some Broadcom Masters candidates) we need your answers to these questions. Send to