Discovery (formerly South Sound)

Regional Science and Engineering Fair


Discovery is an all volunteer organization. We depend on donations and registration fees to continue to make the regional fair available.

Pay Registration Fee

Per student (not per project)
9-12: $30
6-8: $10
K-5: Free

Donate Through PLU

By Check
You can also pay fees and donate by check:
Mailing Address:
South Sound STEM Fair Alliance
PO Box 73232
Puyallup, WA 98373

Discovery Fair Schedule 2024 (No In Person)
Projects DueDistribute Project Slides to JudgesVirtual InterviewsJudging Finished
K-5March 21March 24No InterviewsMarch 31
6-8March 14March 17March 23March 25
9-12March 1March 3March 9March 12

Discovery will arrange alternate interview schedules if you have a conflict. Generally this will be within the week following the scheduled interview. Please contact the fair director:

Discovery Fair is Permanently Virtual. We know that some value the excitement of an in person fair. There are compelling reasons to move to a virtual format. Here are a few:

  • Equity. Considering the 8 counties we now cover, it is likely that some potential participants would not be able to travel to an in person event.
  • Time demands. Many potential participants face competing time demands including family events, school and community programs. We offer alternate days for interviews for 8-12 students when conflicts arise.
  • Judges. We are able to recruit more knowledgeable judges when they do not have to attend an in person event.
  • Quality of Judging. Our judges do a more thorough job of evaluating projects when they can review the slides in the week prior to interviews.
  • Cost. Virtual fairs save participants and judges the expense of travel, meals etc., and are far more convenient. In addition few companies are willing to donate to science fairs now. They prioritize their philanthropy for the many needs in our society.

Slides. We will continue to expect projects in the form of slides, not trifold boards.
Interviews: We will continue to interview 6-12 students remotely. K-5 will be evaluated based on submitted slides.

Congratulations to DiscoveryThermo Fisher Junior Innovators Challenge (Formerly Broadcom Masters) nominees:

Isabella York and Milo Matsuda, Pioneer, for “Oyster Heat Protection: Can Biofouling Keep Oyster Bags Cool”

Priya Emani, Jefferson, for “Identifying Possible Biological Processes Affected By Non-Target Proteins of the COVID-19 Vaccine”

Zain Shariff, Curtis, for “Microwave-Related Tissue Changes Using Ultrasound: Processing Images into Spectral Colors”

Discovery is Growing


We are increasing numbers and types of awards.

  • 2021 – Over 50 specialty awards.
  • 2022 – Well over 60, with additional cash awards.
  • Increased place awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd and Honorable Mention)
  • International fair nominations for 9-12
  • Broadcom Masters nominations for 6-8
  • American Junior Academy of Sciences Nominations for High School

We are pleased by the progress and are sharing the current list here. However, we are still looking to build this list. If you can donate a specialty award, please do so. All awards will include a certificate which we or the sponsor provide. Awards can carry appropriate names and award criteria. They may be anonymous or attributed to the person, family or organization. If you would like to discuss possibilities, contact us at Our mailing address is on the Contacts page. Please look at the list:  2022 Awards

  • Historically we included Pierce, Lewis, Mason and Thurston Counties
  • We welcome Grays Harbor, Kitsap, Jefferson and Clallam Counties.
  • We welcome homeschool, public school, private school, charter school and on-line school participants.


The South Sound STEM Fair Alliance, in partnership with Pacific Lutheran University, continues to sponsor the fair.

About Us

  • Our Mission is to encourage students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM).
  • We encourage participants to work on their projects with adults, including family members, teachers and mentors. We ask that students identify the contributions made by adults. Historically some STEM fairs downgraded projects for suspected adult involvement. Discovery does not.
  • We are a Washington State non-profit corporation with IRS tax exempt status.
  • We are an all-volunteer organization.
  • We need volunteers to assist with tasks. We conduct our fair management meetings by Zoom.
  • South Sound STEM Fair Alliance, in compliance with US Law does not discriminate in the administration of the Discovery Regional Science and Engineering Fair (DRSEF) or any other activities on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation or preference, national or ethnic origin, color, disability, marital status, age, or religious belief.

More Changes

  • We were South Sound Regional Science and Engineering Fair for about 22 years.
  • Recognizing our wider geography, we are now officially Discovery Regional Science and Engineering Fair
  • We will gradually retire the name South Sound as communities become familiar with our new name.
Slides, Not Trifolds
  • We require a maximum of 12 8.5 x 11 slides. (With some possible extras for 9-12)
  • Easier to submit projects
  • No trifold boards
  • Slides submitted in PDF format
  • Details are on Registration Pages of this website.
Submitting Projects

We ask participants to upload their forms and projects to our Cloud drive using a link we will provide after registration.

Registration fee
  • We remain an all-volunteer non-profit organization
  • Fund raising has been challenging during the pandemic
  • Most regional fairs around the nation have a fee
  • Our largest expense is affiliation with the International Fair (ISEF)
  • We receive significant benefits in specialty awards from ISEF, not otherwise available
    • Several are for grades 9-12
    • A few are for 6-8
    • None are for K-5
    • Our fee structure reflects this allocation.
    • Fees are per participant, not per project.
      • Grades K-5 will remain free to enter.
      • The fee for Grades 6-8 will be $10.
      • The fee for Grades 9-12 will be $30.
      • We will email all registrants with payment options.
      • Scholarship option:
        • Fee will not be a deterrent to fair participation
        • Please contact the fair director if you need financial assistance with the registration fee: