Grades 9-12 Fair Registration & Information

General Rules and Guidelines:

Many more advanced projects require prior completion of additional forms. We will review your project when the basic forms are submitted and let you know of additional forms (Examples include Risk Assessment, Projects involving continuing work from previous years. Etc.)

As a result you must register prior to starting work on your project. Failing to do so could disqualify you from eligibility to be selected to attend the International Fair.

  • All students must refrain from doing experiments which may be hazardous to themselves, others, or animals.
  • Projects must follow Slide and Quad chart requirements for project submission instead of trifold boards.
  • In addition we are requiring additional appendix slides in addition to your limit of 12 for the following situations. Validation of the correct use of these tools is often missing from projects making it difficult to fairly judge the effort. These forms are experimental this year. If you feel that there are difficulties or if you have questions completing any of these appendices, please let us know at
    • Use of Machine Learning Code
    • Use of Statistical Procedures
    • Use of PCR procedures.
  • Projects will be evaluated based on Next Generation Science Standards. Feedback from judges will also use the NGSS form.