Educational assessment efforts at Pacific Lutheran University are committed to an orientation and philosophy that recognizes the practice of assessment as a fundamental element of excellent teaching.

Assessment occurs at the classroom, program and institutional levels in order to enhance opportunities for student learning, provide feedback on the quality of student learning, and inform a wide array of programmatic and university level decisions.

The academic unit embraces authentic, imbedded, faculty driven and program specific assessments that are grounded in clearly established learning outcomes and are purposeful in design.  The university’s Integrated Learning Objectives serve as the overarching outcomes for the whole of the academic program, and each major program also maintains specific published learning outcomes that guide their on-going program level assessment efforts.   Supporting assessments, such as national surveys, studies and exams provide additional meaningful benchmarking data and information by which the academic programs can gauge both teaching effectiveness and student learning.

The academic sector remains committed to assessment efforts that are both meaningful and sustainable and are therefor able to be responsive, evolving and engaging for both faculty and students.