Assessment Committee, 2019-2021


The Assessment Steering Committee was appointed by the Provost to commence in Fall 2018. In Spring 2019, the members recommended a duration of two years (2019-2021) through which they could meet their proposed goals. Through a process of soliciting interested faculty, the Provost appointed this committee as well as a group of consultants to assist with the review of learning outcomes, curriculum maps, and assessment plans/results.

The broad tasks include:

  1. Assessment Steering Committee: A small group of faculty who will lead our efforts to develop a structure for engaging in ongoing assessment work.
  2. Assessment Consultants: A larger group of faculty who will be called on by the Steering Committee to generate ideas and serve as sounding boards, and who will be invited to help with the work of reviewing learning outcome drafts as they are submitted by academic units across campus.


Scott Rogers
Dean of Assessment and Core Curriculum
Hauge Admin 125

In 2018-19, the steering committee focused on recommendations for infrastructure, with priority on a designated administrator to oversee and facilitate the implementation of any assessment initiatives and plans. In Spring 2019, the Provost appointed Associate Provost Jan Lewis to be the lead administrator for academic assessment initiatives.

Goals for 2019-21 include:

  1. the development and implementation of assessment protocols and processes for all curricular components,
  2. the development and implementation of appropriate reporting and accountability,
  3. structures to support this work, and
  4. development of resources to support faculty in their assessment of student learning and curricular integrity.

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