Carpool Program

You are allowed to park in the carpool spaces that are appropriate for your current PLU parking decal. Example – if you have a Commuter decal, then you are only allowed to park in carpool spaces within the Commuter lots. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

To reduce the number of vehicles coming to campus and in an effort to 1) alleviate parking demand and 2) to meet our state mandated goals to reduce vehicle miles traveled and the number of single occupancy vehicle trips to our worksite.

The PLU carpool program should establish clear benefits to the employee and/or student as an incentive for choosing to carpool over driving alone.

Employees or commuter students that carpool to PLU three or more days per week and have two or more carpool members are eligible for a carpool parking pass.

Each carpool application may have up to 4 applicants and you will receive two carpool passes. The passes must be returned once you are finished with them, either at the end of the academic year or the academic semester. If you do not return the carpool passes then you will be assessed a $20 fine.

Use of Other Parking Spaces
A Morken Lot specific decal may be issued to staff and commuter students upon request as a secondary decal. These are not intended to be used simultaneously; drivers are expected to use these when driving a different vehicle for the day. Contact Campus Safety at x7249 with any questions regarding overflow passes.

Non-Business Hours
From 5:00 PM to 7:00 AM carpool spaces shall be available for any person to park.

Carpool passes are renewed annually.

Carpool passes are static cling decals just like the primary parking decal. You will need to register for a new carpool decal each academic school year.