EMERGENCY RESPONSE: For immediate help, dial 7911 on a campus phone, call 253-535-7911 on a mobile phone, or activate a campus Call for Help station. If you are not on campus, call 911 first.

Weather Closures and Emergency Information: 1-877-322-0872

Welcome to PLU Emergency Programs

The PLU department of Emergency Programs is responsible for leading emergency planning efforts across campus disciplines, developing and implementing a training and exercise program for the campus, and identifying and facilitating investments in mitigation initiatives and emergency equipment and resources.

Here you will find information on upcoming emergency exercises and training opportunities, PLU response procedures, continuity of operations planning guidance, resources for the purchase of emergency supplies, and links to other emergency preparedness organizations, such as the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), American Red Cross, and the Pierce County Department of Emergency Management.

What is Emergency Management?

Emergency Management is the process of preparing for, mitigating the impacts of, responding to and recovering from an emergency. There are four phases of Emergency Management: Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery. Please take a look at the specific section for each phase in the page menu to learn more.

PLU Alert!

PLU Alert! is the emergency alert system for Pacific Lutheran University. In the event of an emergency incident on or near campus, all PLU community members will receive messages with details and instructions.

Learn more about the PLU Alert! system
Stay in Place & Lockdown

Campus Safety can initiate two different levels of increased security when an emergency incident is active on or near campus. The level of security is based on the circumstances and proximity to campus.

Learn more about lockdown procedures
Campus Safety

The mission of Campus Safety is to serve the campus community, promote and sustain a safe environment and effectively respond to campus incidents. Contact Campus Safety with any security or safety concerns.

Learn more about Campus Safety