Our cadets at Pacific Lutheran University are involved in the community and the school.

Our cadets are involved in physical fitness! Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning at 0630-0730. Cadets work out in the Field house in Olson Gym.  All the cadets also get together one weekend a month to conduct training.

This includes:
•    Rappelling
•    Land Navigation
•    Leadership Reaction Courses
•    Obstacle Courses
•    Basic Rifle Marksmanship

Extra Curricular Activities

Our cadets are also participate in numerous activities on Campus.

Some of the activities our cadets are involved in include:

•    Nursing
•    Economics
•    History
•    Biology
•    Math
•    Jazz Band
•    Psychology
•    Physical Training
•    International Relationships
•    Academic Assistance Tutor
•    Civil War Reenactment
•    Varsity, Club, and Intramural Sports
•    Cheer
•    Dance Team
•    Opera
•    Business
•    Criminal Justice
•    Communications

Our cadets bring excellent diversity to PLU!  We have a 59% to 41% mix of male to female cadets, with 32% of our cadets come from minority ethnic and racial groups.



Please contact our Scholarship and Enrollment Officer by phone at 253-535-8740, or by email at if you are interested in a scholarship or joining ROTC.