Cadet Training

Cadets participate in hands-on training exercises designed to develop excellence in leadership as well as team building and individual soldier skills.

Training Includes:

  • 1 to 2 hours of weekly classroom instruction in officer development topics
  • Physical Fitness conducted every Monday, Wednesday, Friday (0630-0730)
  • Rappelling
  • Land Navigation
  • Leadership Reaction Courses
  • Obstacle Course
  • Basic Rifle Marksmanship
  • Combat Water Survival/Swim Test

Lute Telos

Extra Curricular Activities

Cadets are involved in a variety of ROTC affiliated extra-curricular activities as well as on-campus clubs and organizations.


  • Color Guard
  • Ranger Challenge Team
  • Cadet Activities Council (CAC)
  • Social Activities (military ball, dining-in, informal dances, picnics/bbq)

On Campus:

  • Jazz Band
  • Varsity, Club, and Intramural Sports
  • Dance Club
  • Theater
  • Academic Major Clubs
  • Community Service

The PLU Cadets have a 59% to 41% mix of male to female cadets, with 32% of our cadets coming from minority ethnic and racial groups, and they represent an equally wide variety of majors.  However, they all share the common goal of service to the nation through leadership in the United States Army.

rotc students standing at attention


Please contact our Scholarship and Enrollment Officer by phone at 253-535-8740, or by email at if you are interested in a scholarship or joining ROTC.