Summer Sessions

Undergraduates - enrolling in summer can help you graduate in four years. Whether you need to stay on track because you are doing a double major or you are catching up, take a summer 2014 class. There are two four-week terms filled with General Education and major courses. The application on this website is for use by non-matriculated, non-degree students only. PLU students register for summer through the normal registration process associated with Fall Semester.

Summer 2014 Tuition

Undergraduate Tuition: $625 per semester hour

Graduate Program tuition varies per department and cohort

Please Note: There are no refunds during Summer Session

Study Away programs also are offered during the summer.  For Study Away information, students should contact the Wang Center for International Studies at 253.535.7577.

Summer Sessions is open to all PLU students as well as non-matriculated students from other universities. Courses are offered across the PLU curriculum, both undergraduate and graduate. Summer Sessions at PLU is divided into two undergraduate terms (Term I and Term II) and several graduate terms (MBA I, MBA II, MBA III, and other graduate program terms).

Summer Tuition

Summer Undergraduate Tuition is $625 per credit hour for Summer 2014. Graduate tuition varies by program. Labs carry a $60 fee.

PLU is on a semester system. Maximum credits allowed for Summer Session (Term I, II, and Workshop Week): 15 semester hours.

For Non-Matriculated, Non-Degree Students Only

Click Here for Summer Session Registration Form

PLU students register for summer during the normal registration process at PLU.

Non-matriculated students will complete and submit the online summer registration form. Once the form is received electronically, an email be be sent acknowledging receipt. Shortly afterward, students will receive another email that will provide a PLU ID and a Personal Identification Number (PIN), along with instructions on how to go online and complete the PLU Payment Option form.

The PIN will be valid only to midnight of the day received. After completing the PLU Payment Option form, a photo ID must be faxed to 253.535.8604 or emailed to

After the registration request and the payment option forms are acknowledged by the Summer Session Office, students will be registered on May 1 on a space available, first come basis. No later than May 4, a final email will be sent to each student confirming the registration process has been completed.

Summer 2014 Term Dates

 Undergraduate Terms

Term I: Monday, June 2 to Friday, June 27

Term II: Monday, June 30 to Friday, July 25 (no classes on Friday, July 4)

Workshop Week: Monday, July 28 - August 1

Undergraduate Full Term: Varies within Tuesday, May 27 to Friday, August 1

 Graduate Terms

Varies within Tuesday, May 27 to Friday, August 15